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Galloon Lace 5"   by the Yard

Galloon Lace 5" by the Yard

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Gorgeous nylon galloon lace, bridal white. Wedding lace, is dyeable with acid dyes. Add as a trim to a scarf, knitted or other, to a jacket or shirt, quilt, or pillow. Used on formal wear and wedding gowns.Use in mixed media arts, or on a quilt. Dyed here on the farm, in dye studio. Lucky us to look out the windows in the dye shop, deer walk by, the horses are grazing, cats wander in and out checking up, dogs sleeping on the deck, or visiting whomever shows up. Gorgeous flowers in all colors of the rainbow everywhere. Nice place to be! We are expanding our yarns into trims, lace felted goods, clothing, and more, will keep adding as we dye more! Sold by the yard,comes in full 3 yard pieces.