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Large Buttons 1.5” Distressed Leather Look Handpainted

Large Buttons 1.5” Distressed Leather Look Handpainted

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 These are 1.5” coconut buttons, that I added silver leaf to, then handpainted, using a variety of techniques.

Buttons are intended to look like distressed leather, with antique look.

All are custom batches, and done in small quantities, once they are gone, not repeatable.

They are finished with a number of coats of museum quality finish, however, i would suggest not washing them.


Use for embellishment on a sweater, hat or jacket, add to a journal, accent a costume, or a wearable art creation.

Add to a pillow, use for quilting, or a mixed media project.
Or, if you are like me, just add to your button stash!