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Button 1.25” Hearts Handcrafted  Great Adirondack Yarn

Button 1.25” Hearts Handcrafted Great Adirondack Yarn

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Round Handcrafted wooden buttons, each one created adding a very thin printed paper, then using inks, and metallics, and finished with multiple coats of acrylic.. Buttons apprx 1 and 1/4" in width, and , and 1/8" depth. Each button, while from the same batch, will be unique. I know people have said buttons can be handwashed on a garment, inside out, however I have never felt entirely comfortable while doing. Please note, i am not advising, i feel safer removing, or covering with foil. These buttons are embellished with metallic and inks, not sure how washing will work! I would advise against washing.